Steven J Preece

Steven J Preece, Managing Director and Technical Consultant

Since 1978 graduating from Crosskeys Technical College of Trades with a Trades Diploma in Metalwork, Steven worked for British Steel Company – Llanwern Tube and HSM, Alphasteel Ltd. on process and operations working directly in the operating pulpits of hot strip mills. He has extensive practical hands on experience, in all areas of hot working and roll shops, having worked with both old technology with “hands-on” rolling, and “cutting edge” state of art equipment. Since 1995 he has consulted extensively for mill builders and suppliers of rolling equipment, and as a commissioning Technical Consultant been directly involved in the Start Ups and Commissioning of Beta Steel in the USA, Handan (CSP) in China, provided direct technical support to rolling mills at Bokaro Steel of SAIL, Ispat Dolvi (CSP) in India, Mega Steel (CSP) in Malaysia, Egyptian Iron and Steel, and Ahwaz in Iran. In 2001 he crossed over into the field of Roll Making, working as customer consultant, and after sales engineer for the renowned world class Roll Maker – ESW of Austria, before taking the step in 2008 and acquiring ´together with a partner, the business “Hot Rolling Consultants” of the esteemed David T Blazevic.

He has travelled extensively worldwide, and visited, advised, or ran courses on over 100 Hot Strip, Plate Mills and other rolling mills. Steven recognises and adopts a pro-active “hands-on” approach to building long relationships with clients and offering solutions for their problems.


Crosskeys Technical College
Welding, Fabrication and Quality Inspection
Student of the Open University (In Technology)

2001 to present

Hot Rolling Consultants Ltd, UK — Technical Consulting Company to the Steel Industry
ESW, Tenneck, Austria — Tech. Consultant/Service Engr. to HSM’s Worldwide

1995 to 2001

Handan (CSP) China — Commissioning/Technical Advisor
Ispat Dolvi Industries (CSP) India — Commissioning/Technical Advisor
Megasteel (CSP) Malaysia — Commissioning/Technical Advisor
Bokaro, HSM, SAIL, India — Commissioning/Technical Advisor
Hadeed HSJ, Austria — Technical Advisor/Trainer for HSM Operation
Ahwaz Rolling & Pipe, Iran — Technical Advisor for HSM Operation
BSC Llanwern (McLellans Consultants) — Technical Consultant
Egyptian Iron and Steel, Egypt — Technical Advisor for HSM Operations

1974 to 1995

MMI Ltd. (Mill Maintenance), UK — Hot Rolling Mill Maintenance
Beta Steel, USA — HSM Commissioning Supervisor and Trainer
Alphasteel – Newport GB – (Danielli) — Mechanical Maintenance
S. J. Welding — Welding, Fabrication, Erection and Mechanical Maint.
Alphasteel Ltd, Newport, UK — Mill Operations, Lead Operator, Roller and Supervisor
BSC Llanwern – Hot Strip Mill & Tube Works, Newport, UK